Corona Virus Information and Links

COVID-19 Suggestions for Grocery Stores

    1. Wipe off carts or place wipes at the entry of the store so that customers can wipe their own carts
    2. Store Employees should wear masks and gloves or use hand gel.  Do not touch the mask with your hands except after hand washing
    3. Institute mandatory 30 minute or 1 hr. hand washing  breaks for cashiers.  Consider making it a function of their register number.  i.e. register 1 is on the hour and half hour.  Register 2 is 5 minutes later, etc.
    4. Consider wiping off the belt and pin pad between customers
    5. Wipe down the touch screen and cash drawers between cashiers
    6. Put tape on the floor for each register indicating the safe distance between customers – 6 feet minimum
    7. Assign an employee to monitor the cashiers to be sure they are complying with your directions
    8. At some point you may be required to limit the number of customers in the store to a fraction of the allowable number assigned by the fire marshal.  Be prepared for this
    9. Linked below are some PDF flyers that you may want to print and hang in your stores
    10. Institute a no return policy – ask customers not to bring items back in the store
    11. Do not allow customers to use their own bags
    12. Shut down salad bar and other stations where customers select their own items from hot or cold bars.  Consider having store personnel select items for the customers or prepare them and apply scale labels for customers convenience.
    13. Contactless payment is best.  Some stores have stopped accepting cash.  Consider eliminating the signature requirement for CC transactions as a first step.
    14. Establish one-way aisles to minimize customer interaction and contact.
    15. Many stores have introduced customer capacity limits that helps to enforce social distancing.
    16. Think about establishing dedicated shopping hours for seniors, vulnerable shoppers, first responders and medical personnel.
    17. Curtail hours of operation to enable workers to properly clean stores.