StoreKeeper for Wholesalers

StoreKeeper® is a sophisticated pricing engine and hosting service for Wholesalers.  Manage house zones and store prices from a secure web portal.  Partner with MarginMAX and let us provide the pricing engine while you provide the strategy.  Just like e-mail, websites, and on-line shopping, it’s time to move the retail price management function outside the four walls of your organization.  Watch the video below for more information.

What do you get for your Subscription?

StoreKeeper for DSD is our premier product that costs $99 per week and zero ($0.00) onboarding fees.  We can get you setup in as little as 2 days.  No worries - we train your store users and vendors.  Nowhere else can you get a million dollar product for $99 per week.  You can buy or build your own, but it will certainly cost more and produce less.

Note the DSD Service does not include managing cigarettes, produce, scale items, or wholesale items.  There are other modules for that.  If your Wholesaler is not already a customer of MarginMAX, the wholesaler add on is a flat fee of $2,400 (for as many stores as you have) and $19 per week per store.